The Card Games by Bicycle app rewards all top players on the leaderboard with a unique digital cards, avatars and a table to be used in the app.
Season 3 Launch in Card Games by Bicycle App: More Fun, More Players, and exciting experience!
Season 3 Launch on September 21st
Card game enthusiasts, get ready to shuffle your decks and deal the excitement! On September 21st, the highly anticipated Season 3 of Card Games by Bicycle kicks off, bringing a wave of excitement to card game enthusiasts in United States. With 145,000 organic players already enjoying the app, Season 3 promises even more engaging gameplay.
Expanding the Bicycle Family:
Our community grew significantly during Season 2, and we couldn't be happier. With 145,000 organic players and counting, Card Games by Bicycle has become the go-to app for card game lovers looking to connect with friends and family around the world. The voice chat functionality has made it easier than ever to socialize and strategize with your fellow players, creating a truly immersive gaming experience. Card Games by Bicycle app is a hub for friends and family to connect, strategize, and enjoy card games together, no matter where they are.
Enhance Your Real-world Game Nights:
We know that nothing beats a good old-fashioned game night with friends and family. That's why, as a special treat for Season 3, all app players will receive a 15% discount on any physical deck of Bicycle playing cards. Enrich your offline gaming experience and enjoy fun game nights with your loved ones. Whether it's poker, bridge, or any other card game, Bicycle playing cards have been a symbol of quality for generations, and now you can get them at a special price.
Season 2 Rewards
For loyal Season 2 players who have proven their card game prowess, there's an exciting set of rewards waiting:
Gold Reward (Top Leaderboard Reward):
Leaderboard Points eligible for the gold reward are:
  • Solitaire – starting from 820 ranking points;
  • Euchre - starting from 425 ranking points;
  • Other games - starting from 444 ranking points;
Any player with the above listed Leaderboard Points in the games during Season 2 is eligible to receive the prestigious "Gold Reward." This includes:
  • Gold-embossed digital cards, adding a touch of luxury to your virtual deck.
  • Access to a brand-new digital table, offering a fresh and immersive gaming environment.
  • A special user avatar to stand out and showcase your accomplishments in style.
  • All Card Games by Bicycle Rewards are subject to the Card Games by Bicycle Rewards Program Terms & Conditions.
You Speak... We Listen
Card Games by Bicycle has always been attentive to the community's feedback. After listening to valuable player insights, several improvements have been made to enhance the overall gaming experience. Here's what you can expect:
  • Improved Bot Behavior:
    Team games, especially Spades, have seen significant enhancements in bot playing behavior. Now, you can rely on your AI teammates for more strategic gameplay.
  • Tie Resolution in Spades:
    An issue with Spades indicating ties incorrectly has been resolved, ensuring fair and accurate outcomes.
  • Countdown Management:
    Players attempting to stall the game until the end of the countdown will now see their countdown timers automatically decreased, discouraging this disruptive behavior.
  • Bug Fixes and Visual Improvements:
    The app has undergone various bug fixes and visual enhancements to provide a smoother and more appealing gaming experience. Your favorite card games are now even more enjoyable!
Card Games by Bicycle is not just a card game app; it's a vibrant community of card enthusiasts who share their passion for gaming. With the launch of Season 3, the app is poised to reach new heights, bringing joy and excitement to players old and new. Join the card gaming revolution today and experience the thrill of strategic gameplay and socialization in Season 3!
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