Magic Castle® 60th Anniversary

Magic Castle® 60th Anniversary

Celebrate the The Magic Castle 60th Anniversary with their gorgeous Victorian engraved-style decks. Custom-designed for the AMA by award-winning artist Georgia Young. Limit 5 per customer.

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For over 130 years, we have been bringing people together in the name of good games and great company.

Our cards have paved the path to freedom for POWs in World War II and kept presidents entertained in the oval office. They’ve passed through the hands of generations, uniting loved ones around games that provide a lifetime of shared joy. Pick up your first deck today. Gather your friends and family. There’s never been a better time to unplug, shuffle, and play a game of cards.

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Why Bicycle?

Best-selling cards for over 130 years

Our cards paved the path to freedom for POWs in World War II and have kept presidents entertained in the Oval Office.

Most widely used cards in the world

You’ll find decks everywhere from the most exclusive tables in Vegas, to the most every kitchen table in your hometown.

High-quality feel and unique design

Each deck starts with unique, specially formulated paper, followed by creative designs that keep fans eagerly awaiting new editions.