The Card Games by Bicycle app rewards all players on the leaderboard with a unique digital cards, avatars and a table to be used in the app.
Card Games by Bicycle Announces its Second Season After Successful Soft-Launch​
The first brand-backed playing card app will reward users four times a year
Season 3 is launched. Read more about the season 2 rewards here.

After amassing over 120,000 users during its first Season, Card Games by Bicycle , the playing card app created by Bicycle Playing Cards, begins Season Two, on June 21, 2023, on the first day of Summer!​
Card Games by Bicycle launched with Season One on August 26, 2021, to offer playing card players a digital opportunity to play card games individually, through a private voice chat with friends, with bots, or in a public lobby with fellow community members. Classic card game favorites like Hearts, Spades, Solitaire, Gin Rummy and Euchre are supported within the app.​
The app generated over 120,000 organic players during its first season, and now Bicycle is structuring the app into Seasons, and rewarding top players after each one. ​

Top players will receive rewards after each Season, and Season One is no exception. ​On June 21, all players on the leaderboard will be rewarded as specified below. Check it out in the app. ​
Gold Reward  (Top Leaderboard Reward)​
Every user that has more than 425 Leaderboard Points in one of the games is entitled to a “Gold Reward” which includes:​
  • Gold-embossed digital cards​
  • A new digital table​
  • A special user avatar​
  • A special game-specific avatar.​
Silver Reward (The Founder Reward)
Every user who joined us from the very beginning, and is ranked on our leaderboards will receive a Participation reward which includes:​
  • Red or blue digital card backs​
  • A new digital table​
  • A special user avatar​
Go to the Card Games by Bicycle and enjoy our digital card playing experience with rewards!