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Streets and Alleys

Build cards onto the foundation to win.
Game Type

Object of the Game

The goal is to get all cards built onto the foundations.

The Deal

A column of four cards is dealt to the center of the table, slightly to the left. A column of four cards is then dealt to the right of center, leaving room between these two columns for another column. All cards are dealt face up. The player continues dealing the cards in columns of four alternately to the left and right, overlapping outward from the center with the cards already dealt. The entire pack is dealt out, so that each row on the left will contain seven cards and each row on the right, six cards.


The four aces form the foundations. As each ace is released, it is moved into the center between the left and right rows that were dealt. The foundations are built up in suit and sequence.


Only the outermost card of each row is available for transfer. A card may be moved onto the outer end of a row, provided that it is in descending sequence with the card there, regardless of suit. Example: The 5 may be placed on 6♦, 6♥, 6♣, or 6♠. Any available card may be placed on a space.