Learn to Play


Start stacking cards until you have a giant, accordion-style pile.
Game Type

The Objective

The goal is to get all the cards in one pile

The Pack

The standard 52-card pack is used.

The Deal

The player deals out the cards one by one face up, in a row from left to right, as many at a time as space allows. (Dealing may be interrupted at any time if the player wishes to make a move. After making a move, the deal is then resumed).

The Play

Any card may be placed on top of the next card at its left, or the third card at its left, if the cards are of the same suit or of the same rank.

Example: Four cards, from left to right, are: 6 hearts, J hearts, 9 clubs, 9 hearts. The 9 hearts may be placed either on the 9 clubs or on the 6 hearts. It may not be played on the jack of the same suit because the jack is not to the immediate left, or third from the left.

When the movement of one or more cards has formed a pile, the entire pile is moved with the top card.

In the example above, when the 9 hearts is put on the 9 clubs, the two may be put on the J hearts and then all of these cards on the 6 clubs. However, it is not obligatory to make a particular move if the player prefers not to do so.