Magicians on Mission and Bicycle Playing Cards: A Historic Partnership
The transformative impact of Magicians on Mission
Bicycle playing cards, the bestselling and most widely used playing card brand for over 135 years, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with non-profit organization Magicians on Mission.
Founded in 2019 by Chris Rose, Magicians on Mission has a unique goal: support the United States Military through live magic shows and hand-delivered care packages to troops stationed abroad. Their annual tours entertain thousands of service members, families, and allies, but their story delves deeper, involving real magic and life-saving impacts.
“The time and effort given to travel and spend some of your time and talents with the troops is so valuable! Whether it be tough news from home, a rough day on the job, or just missing your family it helps brighten their day and get their mind off things for a bit. It is so very appreciated.” -Thank you from a grateful Air Force wife.
Recognizing the transformative impact of Magicians on Mission, Chris Rose sought to expand their efforts year-round.
Magicians on Mission's unique approach prioritizes intimate unit visits, performing close-up magic that fosters personal connections and breaks the monotony of military life. This approach not only entertains but also inspires imagination and boosts morale, offering a respite from the challenges of service.
Bicycle Playing Cards and its parent company, The United States Playing Card Company, has a storied tradition in supporting the US military and its troops in various ways. Dating back to the Spanish–American War, from providing cards to soldiers for play during wartime to manufacturing spotter cards in World War II, Bicycle Playing Cards has been intertwined with the military for generations.
Bicycle playing cards wishes to continue supporting US troops through this partnership with Magicians on a Mission.
On the partnership between Magicians on Mission and Bicycle Playing Cards, Craig Townsend, President of USPCC says “...a deck of cards is not just a deck of cards. A deck of cards is really hundreds of opportunities, whether it's through magic, playing games with friends, or a game of solitaire by yourself. We want to bring these possibilities to everyone and one area we knew we could make a difference with was with our military. We have the chance to serve those who serve us and partnering with Magicians on a Mission is the perfect chance to work closely with our service members.”
Magicians on Mission proudly carries Bicycle cards, continuing the legacy of USPCC's support for the military while bringing wonder and joy to those who serve.