Learn to Play

Ship, Captain, and Crew

Roll your way to a win in this fast and fun dice game!
Game Type
2, 3, 4, 5+

Object of the Game

Be the player with the highest score after a single round

What You Need to Play

Requires 2 or more players and 5 dice.

Game Setup

Rolling a 6 on a die is commonly referred to as the Ship – if rolled, set this aside

Rolling a 5 is the Captain - if rolled, set this aside

Rolling a 4 is the Crew - if rolled, set this aside

Anything else rolled on the remaining dice are considered Cargo or treasure to be counted.

Usually multiple rounds, or games, are played. When starting the next game or round, the player to the right (counter-clockwise) of the previous starting player becomes the new starting player.

The Play

Beginning with the starting player, each player in clockwise order takes their turn by rolling the dice up to three times to determine their final score.

On their turn, a player will try to roll for a 6 (the ship), a 5 (the captain), and a 4 (the crew). These numbers, when rolled, are set aside and are not rolled by the player again except that they must be rolled in order. If the roll results in a 5 and 4, they cannot be kept until a 6 has been rolled, and a 4 cannot be kept until a 6 and a 5 have been rolled.

If a player does not roll a 6, 5 and 4 with their three rolls, then they score zero points. If, however, they manage to roll a 6, 5, and a 4 then the remaining two dice (the cargo) are added together to determine the player's score.

It's possible that the player will roll the 6, 5 and 4 in only one or two rolls. If this happens, then the player has the option of using their remaining rolls to re-roll both of the cargo dice to try and achieve a higher score. If they choose to reroll, they must keep the total of the new roll even if it is lower than their previous score.

How to Win

Once all players have had a turn, the player with the highest score is the winner.

In case of a tie, all tied players take one additional turn each until a single winner is determined.