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Hoyle 6-in-1 Fun Pack



Hoyle 6-in-1 Fun Pack provides six classic card games for kids ages 3 and up in one affordable package! With card games including Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid, Crazy Eights Slapjack, and Matching you will be able to play the cards you remember that have been entertaining kids for generations. Ditch the devices by playing cards and enjoy a family game night with these familiar favorites that kids are sure to love! Hoyle 6-IN-1 Fun Pack contains six classic unique-themed kids card games! Games develop learning skills like matching, color identification, counting, A-Z letters making pairs planets taking turns recognition and more! Fun games for kids & parents! Play is important. Play is for Fun. Play is for Connecting. Play is a great way for kids to Learn. Given how busy life is it can be hard to set aside time to just Play! Hoyle card games are designed for maximum fun while also helping kids develop specific cognitive skills just by playing. It’s fun first but there’s always room for a lesson!



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