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Bicycle Aureo Gold Playing Cards



In the early 1500s Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated "La Divina" (The Divine Proportion) a book written by mathematician Luca Pacioli that described a mathematical theory called "The Golden Ratio" which was used in Renaissance paintings and sculptures to achieve balance and beauty. Da Vinci later called this sectio aurea or the Golden section. The gold foil and swirl designs on the tuck bring the Golden ratio to life in this unique deck of cards.




2 months ago

Artistic concept - Love the theme. High quality cards made in the USA. Bought them thinking they would have a gold gloss/sheen, but that's only on the box. Cards themselves have a matte/dull finish. Still beautiful, but if you're looking for a sheen/high gloss finish, buy one of their "metalluxe" decks of cards.

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