Bicycle® Spades Card Game

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Finally, a Bicycle playing card deck made for one of the world's most popular and loved card games... SPADES!

The quality you trust from Bicycle for an unmatched play experience. Using our proprietary cardstock with legendary Air-Cushion® Finish, you know these cards will give the performance you expect. 

This deck has everything you need to make your next Spades game epic.

  • Includes rules to Spades for new players or to clear up any debates around the table
  • Gold-trimmed trump suits to speed up play and make big wins more rewarding
  • Big Joker & Little Joker cards
  • Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
  • Printed on our unrivaled cardstock
  • Produced with non-toxic, water-based inks and starch-based adhesives
  • Recyclable cards and card tuck package
  • Raw paper suppliers are North American based and FSC-certified
  • Made in the USA