Bicycle® Reveal Tuck Playing Card Deck

This deck works like MAGIC!


Deck - $15 More on the Way
Gimmick Accessory - $3 In Stock
Deck + Accessory - $18 More on the Way

Bicycle® Reveal Tuck Playing Cards have a cool transparent box.  It’s features an oval silver foil closure seal.  This deck of playing cards was created with magicians in mind and features some double faced and backer cards.  This was a Magic Live 2018 exclusive.

Learn the FREE  Reveal Tuck Trick

  • Printed on premium Bicycle® brand cardstock
  • Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
  • Made in USA
  • Not your typical 52 card deck.
  • Best used for magicians
  • Gimmick device available (see below)