Your Card Playing Stories

A few of our favorites fan stories.

Your Card Playing Stories

We asked members to submit their most memorable card playing stories, and you delivered. Below are just a few of them.

From Ashley A.:

My amazing achievement of this year was having my own deck made and funded by a great website called Kickstarter. I never thought I would get the money for my deck, and it’s such a great felling to have other people you have never met around the world that love your deck, too . . . To have your own deck made at the age of 16 makes me so happy, and makes me feel good to be alive.

From Austin H:

It was in July at a family party. I was performing magic for my uncle as my entire family watched. Using my red Bicycle® Standard deck, I did this great trick where. . . I rip a card he picked, put it in my uncle’s hand ripped, and then he opened his hand and it was back together! It was awesome; I blew everyone’s mind and felt good! They tried guessing how I did it, but could not figure it out. I even signed the card for him after. I decided to make business cards and I’m going to perform magic at parties now! That day performing was a day I will never forget!

From Joe B.:

My favorite memory from this past year has to be from teaching my daughter some basic card tricks. Recently, she was in the hospital with complications due to her Type 1 Diabetes and she would spend her time impressing nurses with her “pick a card” tricks.

From Jesse A.:

Earlier this year, my wife and I spent what amounted to literally weeks of real time playing Grand Theft Auto 5. We had a blast, but as we both finished the game separately I became very aware that while we were spending time together, we weren’t really engaging each other at all. I had managed to destroy our only deck of cards in a tragic tea accident, so I jumped in the car and headed to the store to pick up some new Bicycle® decks. I remembered playing Cassino with my grandmother as a kid so I looked the rules up online and we started playing. One night turned into every night, that game sparking my love of cards all over again. . . my favorite thing of all is that we are playing together games that make me feel present in the moment and engaging with her. We are excited to learn more games and turn this into a lifestyle, something that someday we hope to share with our children.

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