Your Playing Card Mentors

Bicycle® fans talk about their playing card mentors.

Your Playing Card Mentors

Recently we asked you to tell us about your mentors in the world of card playing. Here are a few of our other favorite entries. Thanks for sharing your original stories!

Tripp S.

My Aunt Jill taught me all about cards and instilled a love of playing cards within me that would last a lifetime. It’s always been the tradition in my family that after a family reunion, birthday dinner, or any kind of family gathering, afterwards all the “kids” would head over to Aunt Jill’s to play Heads Up Cut Throat Spades. Aunt Jill didn’t tolerate that “joker, joker, deuce, deuce” crap or multiple wilds or strange cuts. A game of Spades at Aunt Jill’s could easily last till 4am without anyone knowing the difference. We’ve played from dusk till dawn more times than I can remember.

Paul V.

Growing up, my little brother and sister would typically be put to bed before me. My single mother and I had some time together before I had to go to bed. So to kill the time she taught me how to play her favorite card game: Rummy 500. I was adamant about her not letting me win, so she didn’t, but I progressively became better! She also taught me how to shuffle and bridge, which is crazy to think because I perform many playing card flourishes now and it basically all started because of her. Thanks, Mom!

Chris A.

I have fond memories of playing cards with my grandfather at a young age. He used to play regularly during his time in the military and was quite ruthless—even with his grandchildren. He used any and all methods to win and rumor has it he was quite the card counter. I am proud to own a vintage deck that belonged to him—even though it supports a rival football team!

Steve R.

Growing up, I remember my mom and dad playing bridge every Friday night with my aunt and uncle. They just always seemed to have such a good time that it stuck with me to this day. I never have acquired an affinity for bridge, but I play blackjack two to three times a month at the local casino and am currently learning baccarat and cribbage.

Frederick I.

It’s hard for me to give any one person credit for having taught me to play cards. I’ve been playing card games like War, Spit, etc. since I was a kid in after school programs, and learned Rummy and how to shuffle from my Uncle Eddie. But I would have to say that the most influential person is my great friend, father-in-law, and mentor George. He’s the one who introduced me to card magic and started my love for collecting and just appreciating playing cards. If not for him, I would have never learned all the art you can create from a simple pack of playing cards. And for that I truly cannot thank him enough!

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  • I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or comments about playing spades when trump is broken by a player while still able to play another card. Is there a penalty for this?

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