Say Hello to Pandamonium and Luchadores

The United States Playing Card Company is proud to present two exciting Bicycle® decks: the Luchadores Deck and the Pandamonium Deck!

Say Hello to Pandamonium and Luchadores

The Pandamonium Deck is covered from tuck to Joker in pandas. The endangered black-and-white mammal is perhaps the most recognizable conservation symbol in the world. The deck features hand-drawn custom cards with panda facts on the ad card. Plus, each pip card contains a corresponding number of pandas.

The Luchadores Deck celebrates the culture of Lucha Libre, a type of wrestling with roots in Mexico but popular worldwide. Luchadores is the term for the wrestlers themselves. Colorful masks, high-flying maneuvers and rapid sequences of holds are common characteristics of Mexican wrestling. The deck features 16 different Luchadores, including colorful masks and unique finishing moves.

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