Play More Cards Day with Bicycle® Playing Cards

Take part in the annual holiday that celebrates playing cards.

Play More Cards Day with Bicycle® Playing Cards

Play More Cards Day is our official annual holiday. It's a chance to revamp your family game night. To round up the poker gang. To corral friends you just don't see anymore. To get together and do something as a group that always brings people together: play more cards.

Our first annual celebration encouraged Bicycle® playing card fans all over the world to host a game night for friends or family, and we gave away several hundred Ambassador Kits full of goodies for their parties. Locally, we threw a party just across the river from The United States Playing Card Company HQ in Cincinnati, Ohio. Japp's Since 1879—the official bar of our exclusive Club 808—hosted the celebration, which included game tables, prizes, and a ton of fun.

Play More Cards Day has been a great success. Stay tuned for more information on how you can host a party of your own on February 22, 2016. See you next year!

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