Magical Podcasts

If you’re not in the know, podcasts are the modern form of radio shows, available any time through your favorite media provider.

Magical Podcasts

And fortunately for magicians, there are a number of fun and informational podcasts available to help hone your craft and even grow your magic business. Check out some of our favorites below, and click on each podcast title to check out their individual pages on iTunes.

The Magic Word
Scott Wells, a full-time magician and the brains behind this podcast, releases episodes of this show several times a week. On it, you’ll hear magicians talking about their craft, their experiences, and news on the magic scene today. One of our recent favorites is the four-episode breakdown of Scott’s annual visit to the Magic Castle in LA, interviewing all kinds of people who make the place tick.

The Business of Magic
Ken Kelly and Julian Mather are the hosts behind this podcast, which brings magician entrepreneurs all kinds of advice from other professionals. Marketing strategies, best practices, how to get the word out on social media, building audiences—it’s all there, and it’s all tailored to magicians and similar performing artists. It’s a new podcast, with the first episode airing in May 2014, but they’ve released episodes on a near-weekly basis ever since.’s Magic Week in Review
In this podcast, Michael Lauck interviews magicians, talks about magical news, and keeps listeners in the know about what’s happening in the magic community. With most episodes coming in at only 30-45 minutes, it’s a quick and easy podcast to keep you in the know.

While the name doesn’t immediately bring magic to mind, this irreverent podcast interviews all kinds of offbeat performance artists—including magicians, cardists, mentalists, and even balloon sculptors. In it, these performance artists talk about their process, their best advice, and everything in between.

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