Magical Advice from Fans

We recently asked members to share their favorite card-related advice they’ve ever received.

Magical Advice from Fans

Fans know best! Below is a collection of some of our favorite entries.

From John H.:

Stay focused. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to learn sleights for magic or cardistry techniques; if you try to learn everything at once you’ll get nowhere fast. Start with one thing and focus on that until you master it. It’s tough when there are so many cool sleights and techniques out there, but you have to stay focused.

From Théo M.:

“The magic is not in the hands of the magician, but in the eyes of the spectator.” Never watch your hands when you performing card magic because the spectator will watch what the magician’s eyes watch. So you must look in the eyes your spectator and do your falses cut (for example) in the same moment. The magician’s look, it’s the key!

From Ralph S.:

There is one universal bit of advice: You can never have too many decks. Manipulator, magician, mechanic, performer, all may use decks, but none should ever be without backup. It’s been said that the difference between a hobbyist and a pro is “Plan B,” meaning that having back up and alternates is the mark of a pro. But whether you’re creating, rehearsing, refining, or performing, backups of backups of backups is the way to go.

From Avner S.:

You need to feel comfortable with your participant and get on the same level with them, and go the extra mile to get them to be comfortable with you. Just simple things like asking them their name and introducing yourself work great! There is one other thing that works and that is practice. A lot of practice. I am not saying that you don’t have to practice the tricks as well because both flourishing and tricks are equally important. I think that if you put in enough time and effort you will go far.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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