An Interview with Jessica Guloomal

Magician. Performer. Entertainer.

An Interview with Jessica Guloomal

Jessica Guloomal is a magician performing out of the Canary Islands near Spain, as well as in Germany and Poland. Her fresh style and elegant performances have made her a hit among audiences large and small. Jessica was gracious enough to sit down with Club 808 to chat a bit about her career and performances.

Club 808: So how did you get started in magic? Was there an event, a person who influenced you, a show you saw?

Jessica: I was just a child when I fell in love with magic. I saw a show of two magicians in a shopping mall. The elegance in their movements fascinated me as well as the joyfulness that they transmitted performing their tricks. I still keep strings and cards used and autographed by them. Several years later, I began working as a magician partner, which gave me the opportunity to attend to festivals. In one of them, I met Mago Vituco, with whom I started a couple-relationship. He has taught me how to enjoy magic from a different point of view. My professional career as an illusionist began at this point.

Club 808: Was there a specific moment of no turning back? When you knew for certain you’d always be doing this?

Jessica: At first, when I had another job, I performed magic when I could. As the contract at the company I worked for ended, I had more time to dedicate to magic and without realizing it, I was so utterly devoted to this magical world that I couldn’t nor wanted to turn back.

Club 808: How has your style changed since you first got started?

Jessica: Without a doubt there have been changes. I have gained maturity and security when creating a magic act or show. And the most important thing for me, I have learned to enjoy each and every performance.

Club 808: Who were some of your influences?

Jessica: I admire very many magicians. I love the magic of Tina Lenner, Jinger and Marc Kaling, Dani Daortiz, the elegance of Luis de Matos, the simplicity and serenity that Jorge Blass transmits, the originality of Brando and Silvana, the charm of the great Kaito.I could go on for hours. However, who really has influenced me and inspires me every day with his creativity, dedication and passion for what he does, is Mago Vituco.

Club 808: Do you have a favorite trick you enjoy performing?

Jessica: Although I initially hated them, nowadays I very much enjoy myself with the traditional Chinese linking rings. Moreover, I love to float with the Okito Ball. It is beautiful.

Club 808: What’s the hardest trick you ever learned?

Jessica: A magic trick often seems very complicated when you perform it for the first time. But for me, I don’t know if it is the most difficult, but definitely the most laborious is the quick changing of clothes.

Club 808: Was there a particularly memorable audience reaction?

Jessica: The response of adults and kids when I draw on the Axtell board never ceases to amaze me. It is truly wonderful to see their faces full of surprise and excitement.

Club 808: What was the first trick you learned?

Jessica: My first step was magic handkerchief tricks. I love their colors and finesse; it’s one of the elements that I most enjoy of magic.

Club 808: Why magic for a living?

Jessica: Magic is my life. It is impossible to disconnect. Day and night it is with me. Watching a movie, going for a walk, having a dream—a new idea to perform a magic trick might come about at any time.

Club 808: What’s the craziest story from your career?

Jessica: Once we were hired to perform the show Great Illusions at one of the festivities of Galicia (Spain). The stage had been set up in the middle of some large stairs at the town square and the stage was inclined. The brakes used for the machine did not hold sufficiently and at the time of performing the Interlude, our assistant had to fasten the machine covertly and I had to cut across Vituco by throwing myself into the ground so that the Interlude wouldn’t over. Really crazy!

Club 808: What do you think the future of your craft is? Specifically, do you see it growing? What about younger Magicians?

Jessica: Nowadays it is easier for magicians to learn than before. The only bad thing is that we give it all prepared to them, leaving little room for working on their imagination. I think that the most important thing is renewing and updating yourself, and always give a personal touch to everything you do.

Club 808: Where can audiences find you online? Where do you perform regularly?

Jessica: At the time, I perform regularly in hotels at the south of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). I also perform at festivals and events both at the islands and the rest of Spain. You may follow my work at

Club 808: What would you like Bicycle members to know about you?

Jessica: I would just like to thank them for this interview. For me it is an honor and I hope to be able to travel to the United States one day to perform my magic tricks there. Thank you very much.

Club 808: Thank you, Jessica!

Find Jessica online at her website or at her Facebook page, or catch a show if you’re in the Canary Islands!

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