Nailed It!

Nailed It is an adult party game where players create funny stories about stereotypes.

Nailed It is an adult party game where players get to celebrate relatable stereotypes we see in our everyday lives. Players will each be given 6 category cards to start the game. On these each card, there are items from 4 categories: location, food, clothing, and ailment.

Players will be challenged to create a story about why a category item (location, food, clothing, or ailment) in their hand is the best fit for the selected Stereotype. Stories can be simple or complex, logical or far-fetched. It’s up to the judge to decide!

Once a judge picks their favorite story and awards the player the Nailed It that stereotype card.

However – be aware that there are several Drop the Hammer cards players might have. If a player “drops the hammer,” the judge must pick a different winner for that round.

The role of judge goes around the table. For 6+ players, the first player to earn three stereotype cards wins the game. For 5 or less players, 5 stereotype cards wins.

  • Fun, Fast & Frenzied Word game perfect ferrets (and people too.)
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players may buy one letter each turn. At the end of the fourth turn, players have just 30 seconds to make the highest-scoring word they can using the cards they have in their hand.
  • HIT THE HIGH STAKES BONUS: Earn bonus points by achieving other goals such as “a three-syllable word,” “an adjective,” or “an animal.”
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Family or Friends Plays in 30 minutes, Ages 10+



  • Age: 17+
  • Players: 2-12
  • Time to Play: 30 Min
  • Release Date: 7/14/2020



  • 56 Stereotype Cards
  • 107 Category Cards
  • 5 Drop the Hammer Cards
  • 1 Instructions Booklet